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Dress Code & Etiquette

Dress Code

At The Blind Fox, we strive to uphold the sophistication of the 1920s era. To maintain this atmosphere, we request our guests to adhere to our Dress & Etiquette Code. To avoid being denied entry due to unsuitable attire, we have compiled a list of Do's and Don'ts to assist you in meeting the dress code requirements.


  • Ladies: Dress for a night on the town and keep it classy. Jeans are allowed, just no excessive ripping or undergarments showing.

  • Gentlemen: Dress smart casual. Collared shirts are suggested, not required. Stylish/fitted t-shirts, shorts and jeans are allowed.

  • Dress shoes are recommended, however, clean, athletic sneakers are allowed.

  • Dress hats are encouraged, all hats must face forward at all times.


  • No clothing with offensive language, athletic shorts, swim trunks, sweatpants, graphic t-shirts, or athletic slides.

  • No baggy clothing. Pants and shorts must have pockets and belt loops.

Event Specific Attire

Some events may have suggested attire which will be communicated to members


  • All guests must be 21+ to enter

  • Anyone who appears intoxicated may be denied entry at the door

  • Cigars must be purchased in-house and may only be smoked inside the Cigar Lounge. Bringing personal cigars will result in a cutting fee

  • Smoking cigarettes is not permitted inside of the Cigar lounge

  • Any tabs not closed at the end of the night will be closed by staff, with a 20% convenience fee added

  • No outside alcohol is permitted

  • No pets are allowed

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