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Member Rules & Regulations:

1) The Blind Fox is a private club for our members and their guests.

2) All members must be 21 years of age or older to apply for, and be granted, membership.

3) Membership applications must be approved by The Blind Fox management.

4) The Blind Fox annual membership fee is $250 per person, or $300 per couple sharing the same home address. You will scan your drivers license only once the first time you come at the door. Once you are scanned in the system, you would only need your phone number to pull up your membership..

5) To ensure seating, please make reservation. Walk ins welcome on first come first serve basis, for any seating that is not already reserved. To make reservations please email

6) All members and guests visiting The Blind Fox are required to present a state-issued ID or another valid form of identification to authenticate their age before entry and prior to being served.

7) Members may bring guests as long as they are included in reservation. The member must be present in the group for admittance. By recommendation of a current member, a guest may option to join The Blind Fox during their visit. After a guest’s third visit, The Blind Fox requires the purchase of an annual membership to enter.

8) The Blind Fox and its staff reserve the right to deny entrance to anyone, member or guest, who displays inappropriate behavior, unacceptable dress, or appears intoxicated.

9) The Blind Fox and its staff reserve the right to terminate membership on demand. Any member subject to termination must immediately surrender their membership card.

10) Any violation of The Blind Fox’s Rules & Regulations and/or North Carolina State ABC laws by any member or their guests will result in suspension or revocation of membership.

11) Other rules and regulations governing membership may be promulgated by the managerial staff after posting written notice at the entrance of the business and posting such change on this website.

12) Any tabs not closed out at the end of the night, will automatically take a 20% tip.

Privacy Policy 

We are only collecting your information, to be entered into our Bar Membership ID scan software. Information on application must match your drivers license. We will never share any of your information, and the only place it is used is our membership software.


Please e-mail: should you need a refund or cancellation.

Dress Code:

We highly encourage business causal dressing. Collared shirts and button downs, blazers or sports coats, dark denim or dress pants/shorts, and skirts or dresses, are all acceptable.

Hoodies, t-shirts, beanies or baseball caps will not be permitted as acceptable attire inside The Blind Fox.

We want to provide a high standard that guests can expect every time they step inside, and a great excuse to get dressed up! 

With that said, we understand on hot summer days, per haps after the golf course, a collared shirt with shorts would be just fine. We will host more formal events, and can't wait to see everyone in their evening best. 

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